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Northern Area,





2010 - Present

   Cosmopolis residential complex started with the idea to create in Bucharest, a residential compound with a full range characteristics of a western European city. Thus, in 2007, began to take shape the residential compound, today, emblematic for the unique design of roofs, turquoise blue, whose more than 4,500 inhabitants enjoy all the advantages of life in a big capital, but in maximum safety comfort and tranquility, and surrounded by green areas. The residential complex offers to its residents a number of facilities in a unique mix in Bucharest: parks and playgrounds, private beach on the nearby natural lake, seven outdoor swimming pools, ideal for hot summer days and evenings, sports, facilities and outdoor recreation such as basketball, football and tennis, outdoor fitness equipment, tennis tables and jogging paths especially designed for.

   Also in Cosmopolis and for the comfort of  its inhabitants,a strip mall over 4500mp it was opened for the first time in Romania . Cosmopolis Plaza includes a supermarket, pharmacy, cafe and restaurant, traditional and international delis, wine cellar, veterinary clinic, beauty salon, solarium, flowers, clothes dry cleaning, tailoring and car wash.

    Residents of Cosmopolis can find close to their home, all within the complex, private kindergarten, elementary school and arts center for children. Housing range has a great variety: studio, studio apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments and cottages adjoining (townhouses) or individual. Cosmopolis residential compound is, at the moment considered to be the most prolific and appreciated Romanian real estate project because of all the characteristics, advantages and benefits offered, work certificated by the many national and international awards in the industry.

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