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2017 - In progress

    The residential compound is in the Western part of Romania, in a city called Oradea. The site is situated in the old city center and it has 9 600 square meters . It’s important view points are towards the fortifications of the citadel , and the forested hills around the city.

    The main purpose of this project is to transform the city center. Oradea is a small city which started to develop new business centers, therefore the need of living spaces is growing.

   The residential compound has complementary functions like : commercial spaces and offices , on the ground floor and parking spaces on the first floor , which benefit of natural ventilation.

     The volumetric composition has been conditioned by the low rise surrounding buildings and the cardinal orientation. Therefore , the composition consists of some prism intersections of different heights, with a vertical accent, in the middle of the site (15 story building) .

   The facade treatment is motivated by the way of orientation according to the cardinal points. Thus, turquoise opaque sunshades, as well as semi opaque sunshades made of perforated sheet metal, which molds the western traditional motifs. They are mounted interleaved on the height of the building to dynamise the facade.

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